Thursday, 5 May 2011

An explanation of absence!!

I haven't posted since 20th April but there is a reason, here in the UK we currently have some fantastic, continuous, sunny weather and with it being the UK you just can't waste it as you don't know when you will have such a nice spell again!! So this nice weather does somewhat distract me from my crafting projects leaving me with a desk of unfinished projects and newly purchased items unopened and not played with (it will rain soon). But I haven't taken to my sun lounger, I have taken to the water............... my other passion jet skiing.

This is my new toy the Yamaha VRX and I Love it!!!!!!! with a top speed of over 70mph (a bit scary)  it turns on a sixpence (more scary especially at speed) I can jump this baby right out of the water and my arms right out of their sockets........ but that's the fun!!!!

Whilst I am having crafting withdrawl symptoms, you have to make the most of the weather and I am doing just that.

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  1. Woah! That looks like fun!! So are you secretly The Stig? keeley


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