Friday, 15 May 2020

Still Got The Sewing Machine Out

Hi Everyone
and I hope that you are all keeping well. This lockdown is a funny thing and they always say something good can come from something bad. Now don't get me wrong I wouldn't wish this current situation but we are where we are and it's about making the best of it whilst we stay safe. 
The lane where I live has become a much closer community we get involved in 4 keep fit sessions a week,  run by one of my neighbours,  all out in the lane, socially distanced which has meant we have all got to know each other that much better, infact I would say we are all now friends. There is a group of us now also with a diet group, the 2 groups are known as Fat Club and Fit Club with Whatsapp groups for each. Now that wouldn't have happened without this situation. The other thing that wouldn't have happened is that I have not only got my sewing machine out, I've kept it out and have got quite engrossed in sewing which is a nice change from all my mixed media makes. 

I have got caught up with the 'Faux Chenille' technique and made a couple of cushions using the technique. It's been a bit of a learning curve with learning about bias, straight of the grain etc but it's been really good fun and I have been quite pleased with the results. 
So I thought I'd share my recent makes.

The effect is all about layers of fabric, lots of stitched rows (on the bias) and then slashed to reveal the layers underneath. It all goes in the washing machine and dryer which fluffs it up and it creates a lovely effect. I used layers of graduated rainbow fabric on this one and I love how the colour changes throughout.

next was to try it on a patterned fabric again with layers of multi coloured fabric underneath and made as above

It creates a brilliant effect don't you think. 

Right back to the sewing machine as I am still making cushions and trying some different chenille effects, I'll share if they work out lol
Have a great day 
Amanda X


  1. Lovely to hear how those lockdown connections and friendships are being forged, and I really love the texture of the cushions - they look positively scrunchable!
    Alison x

  2. Amanda your cushions are amazing, they do look very squidgable! Take care, Sue xx

  3. These both look amazing Amanda and well worth the effort it must take in creating the chenille look. The circular patterned one is so striking and just love it.
    Glad to hear you and your neighbours are becoming firm friends due to the lockdown which is one of the positive happenings from the current situations.
    Stay safe and well, Fliss xx

  4. Gorgeous makes, and glad to hear you are safe and sound. What type of fabric did you use?


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