Friday, 4 April 2014

Catastrophe strikes!!

Hi everyone
Just to let you know that I am having one of those weeks when you just say to yourself "nothing else could possibly go wrong" when it does!! To cut a long story short I have a loft conversion which one of the 2 rooms is my craft room and the roof was leaking well it turns out that all 3 flat roofs of the dorma windows needed replacing at a cost that seriously impacts on your crafting budget!! Once over that shock work commenced and on day one didn't they go and put their foot right through the roof that they told me was rotten??? That is the ceiling to my craft room. 

Well what a mess that has made!! So now I need the thing repairing and plastering. So I have had to empty one half of the room for them to get at it. Needless to say all creative activities have gone on hold. Then it will need painting which I have to say is long over due I kept putting it off, for obvious reasons, but this little mishap will force me to do it.
So this post is to just share my pain and to say I will be back soon!!
Amanda x