Thursday, 16 October 2014

Using up more backgrounds

Just a quick post from me this morning as I really should be doing other things. I've had a week off and although I have had a lovely play in my craftroom other things are piling up, so once Ive posted this I am off to tackle the ironing!!!!!!
Following yesterdays post here is another background that I have I have made into a quick card, I have also inked up another Stampotique stamp that hadn't felt the feel feel of ink on it.
This time I have used "Uncle Buck"
My background is a piece of mixed media card that I had used to mop up brusho from my craft mat.
Background stamp is "K7" - Carabelle Studio
Sentiment has been created using my Dymo gun.
Thanks for stopping by off now to do the ironing, Yawn!!!
Amanda X


  1. Well isn't he a cutie Amanda!!! I swear I have seen people that look like that...... Love this,you have a good sense of fun

    Ironing....yuck...worse job in the world :/

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  2. Well I just love the image,fab background

  3. Love your mopped up Brusho background- fabulous :-D
    Kassa xoxo

  4. Might have known that fab cassette tape stamp would be Carabelle! Love it, and great brusho background, I already have a pile, loving my brusho inks!!! Thanks for the introduction ;)

  5. Brilliant background, love those brusho colours and the cassettes are fab
    Uncle Buck looks very cool!

    Jools x

  6. Great card, Amanda. I have finally received my Brushos and will have a go too !
    Corrie x

  7. Great mop up background, its a fantastic card.

  8. OMG! Don't mention the 'I' word! This is fab. Love the vintage cassette tapes. Takes me back to the good ole days! keeleyxx

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