Friday, 12 February 2016

Joining in the Encaustic fun

Hi Everyone
I have been totally inspired by all the recent posts I keep seeing using encaustic wax so thought I would have a go. So having ordered and received my encaustic wax and encaustic gesso I set to. First thing I did was to blow the dust off my melt pot (I knew it would come in). I then, following the fabulous tutorial by Lin Brown on the Paperartsy Blog, decided to have a go. I decided to start quite small which might have not been the best idea and decided to create on a That's Crafty MDF. Now if I said I got wax everywhere I wouldn't be exaggerating!!! This is not as easy as I first thought, my first attempt had too much wax so i melted it off and started again (note to self order more wax) and had another go. My first result is far from perfect but it is at least a go and I have enjoyed learning some of the things not to do. So here it is my first ever piece of encaustic art.

Rather than me tell you how not to do it I'll share the Lin Brown tutorial that inspired me.
Lin Brown Tutorial
Please be gentle with me lol
Thanks for stopping by
Amanda X


  1. It's a treat, Amanda - love working with wax (not least for the smell), and I love the waxy texture and layers here.
    Alison x

  2. well done.. have never worked with wax, looking forward to seeing if I can have a go. Love your heart.

  3. Love it, I do love the whole encaustic wax thingy but you're right its horrendously messy!
    No.1 fan hugs


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