Friday, 2 October 2020

Do You Feel Lucky?

 Hi Everyone

I am sharing another post using Kate Cranes fabulous 'Funky Ducks' stamps I just can't stop playing with these, I love it when you buy something and your mojo is bursting with idea's (I still have more in my head lol). 

As you can see I've turned one of the ducks into a punk adorning him with a fabulous mohican hair style and used the quote that everyone thinks was in the film Dirty Harry, which in fact it wasn't and is probably one of the most misquoted lines, but i've gone with it as everyone thinks it was lol.

The duck I have dressed by paper piecing him from magazine pages to give him more of a punk vibe. He is featured on a 4" x 8.5" MDF tag (That's Crafty). The tag was covered with words that I cut from magazines, once the tag was covered I added a light layer of gesso. I then smeared on red, blue, yellow & black paint. A little bit of stencilling using Kate Cranes Fiesta stencil and the addition of some torn book page and selection of washi tapes. I added the graffiti words of 'Anarchy Rules' to punk it up a bit more! Text was made on my PC and added.

Thanks for stopping by and I'm off to indulge in more Duck play


Amanda X


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