Saturday, 3 January 2015

Kicking off with My New Years Resolutions

Hi Everyone
Firstly a belated "Happy New Year" to you all and I hope that you all had a fabulous Christmas and got lots of crafty goodies from the big man!
I am not big on setting new year resolutions, mainly because I never keep them but I have made some crafty ones and those are:-
Carry on from what I started to learn at the end of last year getting more involved in textile art, helped by getting a Pfaff embellisher machine for Christmas - thanks Santa!
Start drawing and carving my own stamps (My lovely blog friend Donna says I have to)
Do more art Journaling especially as I have a collection of blank ones.
Use the supplies I have and STOP buying loads more stuff (the most likely to be broken!)
So I start this year with the end of last year and a piece I made for Donna (she who says I have to start drawing and making my own stamps) for a christmas present (we are both big tea drinkers)
using a 16" x 6" canvas as my size guide I cut a piece of linen big enough to mount onto the canvas.
The tea cups were all cut of of fabric backed with heat & bond using templates I had cut out with my Silhouette Cameo, they were then stiched using free motion to the linen. I then added the text again using free motion.
I love the randomness that free motion gives to the look.
Whilst I am really enjoying learning a new craft I appreciate that you are currently following my blog with an interest in paper crafts and mixed media, I would be interested to know if you think that I should set up an alternative blog and leave this one just for inky and painty stuff?
Thanks for stopping by
Amanda X


  1. I love it. This stiches really gives something extra to the image. I am a big tea drinker too. I hate coffee ;-) Happy New Year and hugs from SLovenia, Keti

  2. It's your blog and you should choose what to include. I have two other blogs on Wordpress one for fabric one for mixed media. I realised how long it takes to maintain three blogs so am shutting them both in June.

    I have started a fresh blog for everything other than paper crafting, my first post was today.

    I chose to do this as my research has shown that until 2014 crafters were only interested in single themed blogs.

    There is a change taking place in crafting where mixed media is now huge and so it is perfectly acceptable to post whatever you are doing in one place.

    Followers do not always follow you for one craft discipline you stick too. Followers grow with you, their tastes change also and they find inspiration from whatever you post.

    People have a choice to Follow or not, let them choose and you stay true to your changing interests. I have always loved doing other crafts than paper so i can understand you needing to grow & experiment in lots of other areas.

    I might rethink my decision in June knowing i can import the posts from WP into Blogger, lets see what transpires.

    I hope i have helped in some way, this was not easy for me to write and has helped me to clarify my own point of view on seperate blogs.

    Mo:-) xxx

  3. Nope you should put everything in the one place so we can find it easily - lol xxx

    Love that you're getting into fabrics, just booked onto a fabrics workshop for July xxx

  4. What massofhair said!! I'm more than happy to see whatever you're getting up to, and I think it's part of your whole journey as a creator... If to you it feels like a different thing or a separate journey, then by all means you could document it that way with its own blog - but I'm holistic by temperament myself, so see no problem with experiencing it all in the one place. My only problem is going to be envy of your skills with the stitching!!

    And oh boy I love this teetering pile of fabric cups - great design, lovely execution. Can't wait to see which of your resolutions make the cut...
    Alison xx

  5. Well my wonderful Amanda where do I start?! Firstly,you are going to draw,I'll teach you. Don't worry about what you blog...all creations are inspiring no matter how or what they are made from. Most importantly my pressie was absolutely fab and I love it....tea drinkers of the world unite ;)

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  6. First of all I love your canvas and those teacups, its fantastic art.
    I had same questions when I started off down the journal, mixed media routes, deciding to stay in one place.
    I visit folk because I love to see what they are making, what new items/techniques are used.
    Loved your list of resolutions, wonder what will be the first to go.
    Yvonne xx

  7. It's all creativity to me and your tea cup canvas is brilliant. So bring it on! :-) And I'll be really interested to see your stamp carving. I have all the stuff to start but for some reason I freeze at the thought of trying it. Possibly the cost of the rubber.

  8. I agree with all that has been said. As a follower of your blog I look forward to seeing more textile creations as well as anything your crafty brain Leeds you to make. Keep being you :)

  9. Ditto to all previous comments, I look forward to seeing anything that you create. your fabric work is fabulous and inspiring :)

  10. Your artwork today is just beautiful, Amanda, and right up my alley...well, except my cups would be filled with coffee rather than tea! Love your use of fabric for this project. Lofty goals for the new year, my friend, but definitely attainable!

  11. Gorgeous, as far as I am concerned just post everything here.. LIKE it anyway!

  12. Do you know, it never occurred to me to have different blogs for different disciplines! My blog is the only way I've ever managed to keep a diary and so I just blog the stuff I make, whatever it is!!

    I'm with SamSki, would love to see it altogether here! Love this piece and look forward to seeing more ;)


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