Sunday, 28 January 2018

My First Foray into Acrylic Pouring

Hi Everyone
Hope that you are having a lovely weekend. I am about to see the arrival of my family to celebrate my Mums birthday so before I start preparing everything for that I thought I would share with you my first attempts at acrylic poring. 
I have long been an admirer of the effects achieved with this genre of art, it was time to have a go!!!
Please do not attempt this at home if you don't like mess, or maybe that was just me!!!!

I have watched loads of video's on YouTube so armed with that knowledge I set about my first canvas. At this point everything I thought I knew and understood just disappeared so I just ended up doing what I usually do when trying to learn something, I just went for it. 
I prepared each acrylic paint colour I was using in a plastic shot glass by mixing the paint with acrylic flow medium, if there is a science to this it escaped me and I just mixed to a mixture I was happy with, I did this with each colour. I then to each colour added several drops of 100% silicone liquid, this is what creates the cells. I originally was going to do a dirty pour, adding all colours to one cup, but decided to add the paint one colour at a time and played with the swipe technique, lightly swiping the paint into each other. I then rolled the paint around the canvas and then added heat with my heatgun to increase the cell production.  I then stopped, which isn't easy to do lol. 

Here you can see how the cells form, which I think looks fab!

I ended up not completely covering the sides as I would have lost the pattern on the canvas but I quite like the poured look on the edges. I need to try and understand how much paint I actually need for a project.
You can just see that I have knocked nails into the back of the canvas to keep the canvas off the surface, this will be removed when it's fully dried. I think that will take several days if not a week, I've just got to leave well alone.
I still have loads and loads to learn and I am sure this effect I have achieved is more look than technique but as a first attempt I am really pleased with it. 

thanks for stopping by
Amanda X


  1. Ooh, yum! I too have watched many videos on youtube - endlessly mesmerising - but I've decided paint-pouring has to wait until I have more space (and messier space) available! Fabulous to see your first experiment - already looking very cool. Looking forward to more.
    Alison x

  2. Fab first attempt, like you I have seen videos on you tube, it is on to do list!!. Look forward to more!!

  3. WOW! This is beautiful! Such a neat marbling effect and the cells. I would love to try this but not sure if I could handle the mess. Also, it would be so hard to leave it alone for a week to try. I certainly would be impatient ;)

  4. It looks totally amazing, Amanda !!xx

  5. Gorgeous colours, the canvas looks fantastic.

  6. I absolutely LOVE this CC, I’ve been looking at those videos too but haven’t got around to trying it yet. I must say though it’s amazing the amount of cells you’ve created on your first attempt!!
    No.1 fan hugs

  7. This looks fab Amanda, I must admit i've always wonted to try this myself but I know I really don't have the room to try it out.
    Love all those colours and the dripping edge looks so effective.
    Well done on your first pour, I hope we will see more or these.
    Hope your Mum had a great Birthday btw.. Have a super week.
    Hugs Tracey xx

  8. Absolutely fantastic! Amanda . Loved reading about your trial run and oh my, what an amazing result!! Love it - all those colours and cells make me happy :). Like you admired A.P work for a long while but still need to try - messy works for me so gonna have to give it a go . x


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