Saturday, 28 July 2018

A Voyage of Discovery

Hi Everyone
Thankfully it's a bit cooler today, this current heatwave, we find ourselves in, had totally sapped any creative enthusiasm I had. But with it being a bit cooler today, and thankfully we've even had a touch of rain with hopefully more on its way, I have had my first play with Tim's recently released Alcohol ink lift ink pad and lift ink re-inker. 
I have watched his video tutorial on you tube which you can see HERE so off I went playing.

This card uses both of Tim's techniques stamping to lift and stencilling to lift.
I wont go into the details as it can all be seen in his video. 
I learnt some things not to do along the way lol. 
When stamping make sure you have removed all surplus lift ink before you polish up your image, Tim does tell you that, but make sure it has all gone.
Stencilling with the re-inker to not over saturate the blending foam pad as it can leak under the stencil and you end up lifting off more alcohol ink than you would want. This happened to me 

and you end up wiping too much ink off. I had to cut this piece off which is why my background ended up being pieced up with Tim's Chatter washi tape to make the size up. Having said that I do quite like how the background turned out.

Tim's does show how when you lift the alcohol ink with the stamp you can then use the stamp to stamp the colour you lifted onto a piece of card, I did do this but sadly I didn't get the image fully transferred due to the fact that I used quite a solid stamp or just pure user error, the later is more probable. 

I have used a chit chat sticker to finish the card off.
I think I need more practise to perfect this technique but it's been good fun playing.
Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the cooler weather.
Thanks for stopping by 
Amanda X


  1. Love them both Amanda. I have yet to try min lol. I agree so much nicer now it's a bit cooler. ❤️❤️

  2. Well played. Love how you happily adapted the piece and ended up really liking the end result. Thanks for sharing...haven't tried mine out yet.

  3. Sounds like you had some crafting fun today, it is a fantastic card . Its good to try new techniques, I will watch the video later.
    Yvonne xx

  4. What a fab technique Amanda, it may be cooler but you've brought the sunshine out again with these bright colours. Can't watch the vids as my poopy laptop won't let me but I think you've shown it perfectly.
    Super makes.
    We've had rain today so lots of wet dog foot prints everywhere.. makes a change from dusty ones.
    Have a great Sunday.. Hugs Tracey xx

  5. It's perfect! I love it <3

  6. Thank you for sharing. I got mine and can’t wait to experiment. Your card is amazing and imperfectly perfect. Love it! Xxx

  7. Glad you enjoyed the cooler weather and were able to make the most of it.
    Great results with the Alcohol Lift and thanks for sharing the tips, Tim makes it look so easy, but he is a Pro! I've just ordered some, can't wait. I love your card and thought the background was supposed to be like that - happy accident I'd say.
    Avril xx

  8. Now this is just so cool! All those fabulous brights coupled with a fave TH stamp, stencil and 'chatter' makes for an absolutely fabulous card. x


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