Friday, 1 April 2011

Hi and welcome to my first ever blog, I dont know if it is an omen to start your first blog on april fools day but here goes. I have also started blogging on a day when an empty skip is sitting on my drive crying out to be filled with the contents of my garage and various cupboards around my house, it's officially spring and I got an urge!! maybe my urge is not as great as I thought it was!

To start this blog I include some recent projects that I have completed to give a flavour of my thing, as you will see my "thing is varied". My approach to crafting is a little like my taste in music, quite varied depending on what mood I am in, and of course who I am making it for.

This was a friendship book that I recently made as a birthday present for a very close friend of mine.

As you will see Tim holtz inspired

There are several more pages but hope this gives a flavour of my finished article. My pleasure came not only from making it but seeing the pleasure that it gave my friend when she opened it, isnt that why we do it??

Birthday card made for my step father lots of clocks,lots of buttons

Another birthday card
A cheap spiral bound note book taken to bits, altered and rebound.

Anyway as time is passing by and I am still sitting in my dressing gown, and having managed to start this blog I must leave it for now as I have a skip to fill you know.

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